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Edenderry Primary School, Portadown

P4 - P7 Return to Classroom 22/3/21

18th Mar 2021

Dear Parent/ Guardian,

We are looking forward to the return of years 4 to 7 for the week beginning Monday 22nd March as per DE announcement on 16th March. The following is a summary of some of the key points in our Return to School Plan issued in August/September 2020. Please refer to this document for more detailed advice if required, which was posted on 1st March . In many respects the advice has not changed bar the significant direction from DE regarding the wearing of face masks on school sites. Please refresh your child/children's memory by watching our Return To School Video produced in August 20.

Start/Finish times.

JLSC, ASDLSC, P1 - P3 9:10am to 1:50pm/2:00pm.

P4 - P7, 9.10am to 2.50/3.00pm


Drop off/collection

Pupils who should be dropped off using the following arrangements :

P1 and P2 -  Junior Entrance

JLSC, SLSC and ASDLSC - LSC Entrance

P3 and P4 - Senior Side Entrance

P5, P6 and P7 - Main Entrance

Pupils arriving for school should use the following staggered approach in order to avoid crowding.

Families with Surnames beginning with letters A - H 8:40am

Families with Surnames beginning with letters I - P 8:50am

Families with Surnames beginning with letters Q -Z  9:00am

Adults and children arriving for school should use the yellow markings to maintain appropriate distances from others.

All pupils from P3 to P7 attending school should enter school grounds via Pedestrian Gate on Queen's Walk. Gates will open at 8:40am. No child should be on site prior to Gates opening.

Only parents with P1 or P2 child/children should be in the school grounds during the morning drop off period.

Pupils should be collected at the following times from the following exits.

P1 HW 1:55PM Junior Entrance

P1 AP  2:00PM  Junior Entrance

P2 LL     1:50PM   P3-P7 Side Entrance

P2 PC    1:50PM  Main Door

P3 HMcK  2:00PM  Main Door

P3 ER      2:OOPM  P3 - P7 Side Entrance

P4 JM     2.50pm P3 - P7 Entrance

P4 DC/JM 2.50pm Main Door

P5 SR      3.00pm Main Door

P5 KK/AF 3.00pm P3 - P7 Entrance

P6 RK      2.50pm Junior Entrance

P6 PM      2.50pm Junior Entrance

P7 AM      3.00pm Junior Entrance

P7 JM       3.00pm Junior Entrance

P4 - P7 classes will have those walking home independently at the front of the line, with those being escorted at the rear of the line.  PLEASE ALLOW ENOUGH SPACE FOR CHILDREN TO SAFELY EXIT THROUGH THE GATES.

Learning Support Centres

Pupils in the JLSC and ASD LSC will finish at 2pm.  If children are not travelling home in EA organised transport they should be collected from Learning Support Centres.  Pupils in the SLSC will finish school at 3pm.  Parents should collect pupils from Learning Support Centre entrance if they are not travelling in EA transport.


School Uniform/ Equipment/ Belongings

The requirements regarding uniform, schoolbags/belongings and items being brought to school remain the same  as those published in the Return to School Plan 9th September 2020. For Monday 22nd March 2021 all pupils attending should only bring pencil case, reading folder, water bottle and pack lunch/break snack in their schoolbags. Individual teachers will inform parents regarding arrangements for return of books etc if required.

In situations in which children have outgrown shoes/ clothes please send children in items that are as close to school uniform as possible until such times as shops reopen.

As per guidance issued in Aug/Sept. we would ask that no celebratory food such as Birthday Cake/ treats or sweets be sent into school on the pupils return to the classroom.

Social Distancing Arrangements for Classes and Adults in School Grounds. 

The school will continue to operate the class bubble system for the duration of the return with staggered breaks/lunches, designated play areas/ eating areas and minimal contact between class bubbles. There will continue to be an Isolation Room for pupils who display symptoms  of Covid 19. We would ask that a family member comes immediately should a child become unwell in school.

We would ask that all parents adhere to the DE instructions that on school grounds all parents/ guardians and individuals responsible for collection wear face masks, remain 2m distant from all other adults  and avoid standing in groups. This message is illustrated on signage supplied by DE placed on gate and on external wall of  kitchen. 

School Meals

There will be a school meals service for pupils in Years 1 to 7 who normally take School Dinners.

Sickness and Suspected Sickness.

In keeping with school policy we request that parents refrain from sending children to school until at least 2 days have passed since the last episode of Diarrhoea or a vomiting illness.

We would ask that all parents pay particular attention to the key symptoms of Covid 19:

High Temperature/Fever - this means hot to touch on back or chest.

Change or loss in sense of taste or smell.

Cough/New continuous cough - coughing a lot for more than 1 hour or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hrs. 

DE guidance advises that a child should not attend school if they are suffering from one or more of these symptoms.

Any further queries which have not been answered by this post or Restart Plan Letter should be addressed to school via a telephone call or email to the office.

Regards to all.