Edinburgh Residential: Update below

Edinburgh Residential: Wednesday We began our day at Dynamic Earth; a fantastic 4D experience of rainforests, Polar regions, deserts, volcanoes and deep sea life. We entered the Time capsule to travel to the beginning of time, observing how our earth was formed and how it has changed over time. We were mesmerised watching a documentary on asteroids and astronaut life in the dome cinema. Next up was Edinburgh Castle. Our favourite moments were soaking up the clear panoramic views of the city in the lovely weather along with seeing the crown, sceptre and sword used in the coronation of Mary Queen of Scots. We ended our days antics at the bowling alley, were we 'had a ball' trying to beat each other and the teachers at bowling! Some of us scored more strikes than most of the teachers added together!! The weather was kind to us and it stayed dry all day. A super day for all! We cannot believe tomorrow is our last day but we look forward to seeing you all soon. Edinburgh Resudential: Tuesday After a hearty breakfast, we made our way to the Blair Drummond Safari Park. We were amazed to see lions, zebras, elephants, giraffes and rhinos walking just a few metres away from us during our coach drive-through. We met Bali, an incredibly talented and very obedient sea lion who performed many tricks for us. We went on a boat safari to the chimp island to see them all chilling in their huts, unimpressed with the rain. We finished off the afternoon by navigating our very own 4 man pedal boats around the lake before the rain came on heavily, just in time for our bus trip back to Glasgow. This evening we travelled to Biggar Puppet Theatre to watch 'Tinderbox'. It was a incredible show performed under UV lights by a very talented family whose son puppeteer is currently working for the new Star Wars Movie. We have had another fantastic day and are straight to bed for some much needed rest. Edinburgh Residential: Monday: We had a super day at the Planetarium stargazing in the night sky at our Milky Way & beyond ... Followed by some interactive play at the W5-like Science Centre. We thoroughly enjoyed watching Alice Through The Looking Glass Tonight and are all very sleepy after our busy first day.

  Edenderry Primary School is situated on the outskirts of Portadown serving a large area of housing bordering on to the Gilford and Killicomaine Roads. The school boasts excellent facilities with all classrooms being bright and spacious. The school grounds are well maintained throughout the year being used for a variety of sporting, academic and community activities.  


The school has recently been furnished with an upgraded computer network as part of the Classroom 2000 initiative which allows pupils and staff to participate in a variety of computer based activities. Over the last two years the Parent Teacher Association have embarked on a programme to provide each year group with an Interactive Whiteboard and Data projector for use in the classroom.  The school has been equipped with a state of the art ICT Resource Area boasting PC’s, Interactive Whiteboard, video conferencing hardware and digital imaging technology.

Currently nine classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and data projectors.

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